Children of Tendu
Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Jose Molina are television writer/producers with over forty years of combined experience on shows including "Lost," "Firefly," "Sleepy Hollow" and "Helix"... and they are giving away all their knowledge for free! Find us on Twitter @childrenoftendu!









January 2020
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In this super-sized deep-dive, Jose and Javi interview Jeremiah Chechik - director not just of the pilot episode of Javi's show "The Middleman" but also TV shows including "Chuck", "Gossip Girl", "Shadowhunters", "Helix", "The Bronx is Burning", "Burn Notice" - and, oh yeah, a couple of classic feature films including "Benny and Joon" and "Christmas Vacation". 

Though the discussion is wide-ranging, the focus is on the relationship between the writer and director both in TV and features: how we collaborate, how we interact on and off the set, and how do we stay true to each our vision without trampling on the other's! This one's a must for all TV writers - because our work doesn't end at the keyboard, and directors can, and should, be our best friends!

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The Writers Guild is currently engaged in a landmark labor action which has already changed the face of the entertainment industry. In this special episode, Jose and Javi have a lengthy and candid conversation with WGA President David A. Goodman about the how's and why's of the guild's goals and strategy as it seeks to redefine the role of agents and agencies in the business of representing writers.

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As part of their "Living in the Middle" sessions at the WGA, Javi and Jose host a talk about the writers room - what sort of personalities thrive in the collaborative creative environment that fuels the creation of TV narratives, and how does a writer find his or her voice among the talented many who make up a staff!

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In this the second part and conclusion of "The Big Pitch" Jose and javi discuss what happened after The Big Pitch... what networks heard The Big Pitch, who didn't and why? What was it like in the rooms where they pitched? What sort of feedback did they get? Did anyone buy The Big Pitch? What was it like to develop a role playing game into a potential TV show... and, most importantly: did the rigors of working together after 24 years of friendship destroy Jose and Javi... or did it make them stronger?

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Most TV writers do not hear a series being pitched until they are the ones doing the pitching. In this brand new episode, the Children of Tendu discuss the process by which they developed a pitch for a TV adaptation of a popular role playing game... and they throw in the entire pitch for free! That's right, rather than just talk about pitching, Jose and Javi rehearsed their pitch live at the Writers Guild, and now you can hear it here!

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Actors of Tendu!

In this special episode of the podcast, the Children of Tendu enlist guest stars Natalie Morales - star of Javi's show The Middleman - and Jason O'Mara - who starred in, and worked with Jose on, Terra Nova - to discuss how actors and writers work together, and how this crucial creative relationship can be made better in the fast-paced and ever changing world of television. How do these series leads approach scripts when the arrive fresh off the printer? How do they deal with writers on and off the set? What do they wish writers would - or wouldn't - do on the page and off? Join Jose and Javi as two of their most famous collaborators drop their hard-earned wisdom and advice!

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Agents of Tendu

There is one question. The ETERNAL question. The question that all who want to write in Hollywood ask themselves over and over again.

How do I get an agent?

In this very special episode, Jose's first agent, Matt Bedrosian not only answers the eternal question of "how do you get an agent?" but also gives a no-holds-barred look behind the scenes at a talent agency and answers some of the most pressing questions asked by writers, both repped and non-repped...

What do agents do?

Why don't they answer my calls?

What are they doing when they are not answering my calls? Why do you even need an agent? 

But mostly, we talk about "how do you get an agent?"

Really. There's an answer.

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The Union of Tendu

When a guy writes on shows ranging from "Family Guy" to "Futurama" and "The Golden Girls", you pay attention to what he has to say. When that same guy is also Vice President of the Writers Guild, you clean out your ears, dust off your glasses, take out a pencil and a pad and take down some notes! In this candid, no-holds-barred conversation, Jose and Javi talk to David Goodman about his successes and struggles in comedy - animated and live action - and also have a lively discussion about the Writers Guild: what it does, who is in it and why, the strike of 2007 and how it affected working and neophyte writers alike, and why involvement with the union is crucial for all writers!

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In which Jose and Javi settle their Gladiator vs. Braveheart feud once and for all - in front of a live audience at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con! Putting that issue to rest with a sense of drama unseen since the Roman Colisseum, Jose and Javi then answer audience questions about writing for television, breaking into the business, the art of the argument, collaborative storytelling and Role Playing Games, how new media is affecting the television staffing landscape, and many, many more topics!

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The Comedy Stylings of Tendu

The Children of Tendu know drama... but they are not nearly as knowledgeable about the world of comedy... so to tell you how to break into comedy, what the work is like for writers there, and how to have a long, successful, and productive, career, Javi and Jose called in a team of experts: Steve Baldikoski and Bryan Behar - a writing team with twenty years in comedy who currently co-executive produce the hit Netflix series "Fuller House" - and Kate Spurgeon - who recently completed the Warne Bros. Writing Fellowship and is currently in her first writing gig, also on "Fuller House". In this very special episode, these amazing ambassadors from the comedy world drop some serious wisdom on the funny!

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